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B.Pharm. 1st Sem

Communication Skills Communication Skills
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Model: 100BCSK
Communication Skills is not just a subject, it is important aspect of individual’s life. This is wonderful initiative of Pharmacy Council of India to introduce “Communication Skills” as a subject in theory and practical for first year B. Pharmacy students. Understanding and practicing aspects of..
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Human Anatomy and Physiology-I Human Anatomy and Physiology-I
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Model: 100BHAP-I
It gives us immense pleasure to present the textbook of ‘Human Anatomy and Physiology I’ for Sem. I B.Pharm. Human Anatomy gives knowledge regarding scientific study of morphology of human body and Physiology deals with functioning of body organs.It is observed that students of Pharmacy have di..
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Model: 100BPAI
Text book in Pharmaceutical Analysis-I as per PCI syllabus is meant primarily for a one or two semester course for chemistry majors. The book entitled Pharmaceutical Analysis-I have a flavour of its own both in scope and content distinctly different from the number of already existing text books ..
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Model: 100BPIC
'Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry', book has been written to provide the information in an easy and digestable manner to the beginners in this field. The book focuses all such fundamental concepts of inorganic chemistry that apply to medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry. Although the importan..
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Pharmaceutics - I Pharmaceutics - I
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Model: 100BPH-I
The pharmaceutical science has been the base of pharmaceutical education. In the changing scenario, the syllabus revision is an important aspect. Keeping in mind the needs of present curriculum, the present book would contribute to the new pharmacy syllabus through sincere effort made by the aut..
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