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B.Pharm. 2nd Sem

Model: 200BBIO
Biochemistry is the most fascinating subject which deals with chemical language of life for all living organisms. The textbook of Biochemistry, in conformance with the newly proposed PCI syllabus, has been designed to be a course book on biochemistry for second semester B.Pharm students.This ..
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Brand: VBD Publications Pvt Ltd Model: 200BHAP-II
It gives us immense pleasure to introduce the textbook of ‘Human Anatomy and Physiology II’. This textbook offers a simple presentation of the human anatomy and its physiology for the conceptual learning.We have observed that students of Pharmacy have difficult time in understanding the complex ..
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Model: 200BPATH
This book is written as a clear, concise learning instrument for students in pharmacy. The book begins with an overview of tissue injury and mechanisms of tissue repair to provide students with a foundation of key concepts in injury and repair that appear throughout subsequent units. A detailed ..
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Model: 200BPOC-I
As the new syllabus by Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) is implemented from 2017-18, we endeavour to bring out this textbook Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-I. Although, there are plethora of textbooks by many Indian and  foreign authors on this subject, this book is unique in its style and..
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