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B.Pharm. 4th Sem

Medicinal Chemistry-I Medicinal Chemistry-I
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Brand: VBD Publications Pvt Ltd Model: BPh400 MC-I
This textbook on Medicinal Chemistry-I as per PCI syllabus is meant strictly for B.Pharm 4th semester students acquiring degree.  Medicinal Chemistry is a fascinating branch of science. The text discusses the fundamental chemical principles used for drug discovery and design. The important a..
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Pharmaceutical Organic Chemisry-III Pharmaceutical Organic Chemisry-III
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Brand: VBD Publications Pvt Ltd Model: BPh400 PHOC-III
It is a matter of great pleasure that we release the book titled “Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-III” This subject imparts knowledge on stereo-chemical aspects of organic compounds and organic reactions, important named reactions, chemistry of important hetero cyclic compounds. It also emphasi..
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Pharmacognosy And Phytochemistry I Pharmacognosy And Phytochemistry I
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Brand: VBD Publications Pvt Ltd Model: BPh400 PAPC-I
This present comprehensive textbook of “Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry-I” is the result of a number of years of experience in training  imparted to students, as well as primarily written with the aim of meeting a course requirement of the undergraduate pharmacy course. All the required in..
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Pharmacology - I Pharmacology - I
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Brand: VBD Publications Pvt Ltd Model: BPh400 PHCO
 It gives us immense pleasure to present the textbook of ‘Pharmacology-I’ for fourth semester B. Pharm (B. Pharm second year). Pharmacology is a fast growing branch of medical science; with newer techniques and methodologies in drug discovery, research in this field is sure to expand further..
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Physical Pharmaceutics-II Physical Pharmaceutics-II
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Brand: VBD Publications Pvt Ltd Model: BPh400 PPC-II
The root of quality pharmaceutical product lies in their fundamental physical and chemical properties. Physical Pharmaceutics has been associated with the basics of Pharmaceutics and provides basis that deals with principles of pharmaceutical science.An attempt is made to present the book with h..
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