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B.Pharm. 5th Sem

Industrial Pharmacy-I Industrial Pharmacy-I
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Model: 500BIP-I
We feel extremely happy while presenting this book to the inquisitive and diligent students of Pharmacy profession.This book complies with all the essential requirements of syllabus prescribed by the Pharmacy Council of India for Bachelor of Pharmacy students. This book mainly focuses on the bas..
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Medicinal Chemistry-II Medicinal Chemistry-II
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Model: 500BMC-II
The unprecedented pace over the recent years in the field of drugs has emphasized the relevance of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Medicinal Chemistry is the mother subject of Pharmaceutical Sciences, since the origin. This book is prepared with an objective to deliver the latest advancements in the v..
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Phamacognosy And Phytochemistry-II Phamacognosy And Phytochemistry-II
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Model: 500BPP-II
Pharmacognosy – An Indian Perspective brings to the fore the Indian resource for the subject in terms of both materials and methods. Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry – II book, in conformance with the newly proposed PCI syllabus, has been designed to be a course book on pharmacognosy for fifth ..
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Model: 500BPHJ
In the present era of globalization, the job of a pharmacist is becoming challenging day by day. The text-book of ‘Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence’ specially aim to impart basic  knowledge on several important legislations related to the profession of pharmacy in India. This book fulfils the m..
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Pharmacology II Pharmacology II
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It’s a matter of great pleasure to present this book on  “ Pharmacology - II” to the  student of B. Pharm. Fifth Semester. This book has been written as per the syllabus prescribed by the Pharmacy Council of India and made effective from June 2019.The main objective of this book is t..
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