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Industrial Pharmacy-I

Industrial Pharmacy-I
Industrial Pharmacy-I
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Industrial Pharmacy-I
Industrial Pharmacy-I
Industrial Pharmacy-I
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  • Edition: 2021
  • Author: Yogesh N. Gholse, Dr. Rahul H. Kasliwal, Dr. Dinesh R. Chaple
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We feel extremely happy while presenting this book to the inquisitive and diligent students of Pharmacy profession.

This book complies with all the essential requirements of syllabus prescribed by the Pharmacy Council of India for Bachelor of Pharmacy students. This book mainly focuses on the basic principles and practices of industrial aspects with respect to the different dosage forms that we hope are going to provide valuable guidance to pharmacy students.

In this book, we have tried to explore current and new approaches used in industrial formulation. We have also tried to demonstrate the interrelationship between theoretical and practical approaches through this book. The book seeks to cover the entire range of available approaches to getting all fundamental and primary needs of PCI syllabus. 

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