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Medicinal Chemistry-III

Medicinal Chemistry-III
Medicinal Chemistry-III
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Medicinal Chemistry-III
Medicinal Chemistry-III
Medicinal Chemistry-III
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The extraordinary swiftness in the current years in the field of Pharmaceuticals has accentuated the significance of Medicinal Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. The entire planet is observing the genuine strong point of Pharmaceuticals since a number of decades. Amid the expansion of technical beliefs and practices, this subject is no longer limited to any borders. The outstanding speediness in advancement at this newest era in the area of chemistry has given stress on the magnitude of therapeutic feature. Medicinal Chemistry is the mother subject of Pharmaceutical Sciences, since the beginning. On the whole, a swift change amongst the scholar has been experiential over the years from the basic to the functional research fields. 

AuthorDr. Manisha P. Puranik, Debarshi Kar Mahapatra

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